VR Training
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   For VR training and educational space & orbital mechanics, SPET use a lot of software with Oculus Rift. Differents apps like VR Spacewalk, FSX FlyInside, Orbiter, KSP, Titans of Space, MoonBase Alpha,... or historics apps like Apollo 11 Experience. Our VR Instructors have + 5000 hours FSX (VFR/IFR), +2000 hours KSP and +800 hours VR Spacewalk. You can ask us more informations or questions in contacting us @                                                                                     contact@spetspace.org

How buy an Oculus Rift and a high configuration computer ? That's simple, look this down page.



           MoonBase Alpha - Educational NASA App : http://www.nasa.gov/offices/education/programs/national/ltp/games/moonbasealpha/index.html

                              SPETspace video - SOLO - 19mins 13s  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mGt2HQ2R-Vg 


                       FLIGHT SIMULATOR STUFF:       FULL KIT Joystick + Throttle + rudder  Thrustmaster     Purchase link  

                                 PACK OCULUS RIFT + Touch Pads + sensors [Ultimate pack of Oculus Rift]    Purchase link  

                                                                            MUST HAVE AN OPTIMAL COMPUTER

                                             Computers Gaming with Medium Configuration (600$) : Purchase link  

                                              Computers Gaming with High Configuration (1300$) : Purchase link  

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