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         14th march 2018 : The SPET organizes this spring an international free operation, "Share a seed". We have chosen to share our Agapanthus seeds with the Clinton Community Garden at New York City. Participate with us, send your seeds to your family and friends around the world.  Together we can change everything, seeds are the life. Just sharing and thanks to you.


        08th february 2018 : After a postponed delay of two months, the Falcon Heavy has finally take-off from Cap Canaveral (Fl.) with his amazing payload, a Tesla car, in direction to Mars. This Falcon Heavy Test Flight is an incredible step for the future of the space engineering. Relive this historical moment in video and follow the mission during this year. Next SpaceX Heavy launch not disclosed.



                          +3000 DOWNLOADS AROUND THE WORLD - Thank you so much for your enthusiasm ! -

       22nd november 2017 : a) Christmas is coming in 1 month. We propose you our gifts selection of Cosmology books or learning products. We have tested this books and we approve the contents. This selection is for all (6 to 99 years old), then offer a smart gift for Christmas. 

               - The Astronomy Book: Big Ideas Simply Explained (by DK) Astronomy popularization for teens and adults.  Purchase link    

               - The Design and Engineering of Curiosity (by Emily Lakdawalla) How the Mars Rover performs its job.  Purchase link

               - Can we live on Mars? (by Baby Professor) Astronomy for kids 5th grade, interesting childrens space book.  Purchase link

  BEST SELLER - National Geographic Little Kids First Big Space Book (by Catherine D. Hughes & David A. Aguilar).  Purchase link  

 Deluxe Edition - The Solar System (by Michael Seeds) New and beautiful book of our Solar System in pictures.  Purchase link   

          b) Noël approchant à grand pas, nous vous présentons une sélection de livres à posséder pour entretenir son Savoir Cosmologique, à destination des passionnés de Science ou simples amateurs. Ces livres ou encyclopédies sont approuvés en sélection par leurs contenus en richesse d"enseignement du genre ainsi que pour tous les âges (de 6 à 99 ans). Qualité au rendez-vous. Alors faîtes un cadeau "intelligent" !    

             - Le Grand Guide de l'Astronomie Edition 2017 (par GLENAT et Hubert Reeves) Ce livre est un MUST!!!       Lien d'achat  

             - Embarquement pour Mars (par JF Pellerin, R Heidmann, A Souchier et T Pesquet) Pour ado et adulte.     Lien d'achat  

             - Astronomie Astrophysique "5ème Edition" (par Dunod) Pour tout savoir sur les lois fondamentales et plus.   Lien d'achat   

             - L'Univers (par Edition Larousse) Livre pour les enfants de moins de 10ans. Très beau, COUP de COEUR.     Lien d'achat    

             - Le Super Livre "C'est Pas Sorcier" (par Deux Cops d'Or) Livre fidèle à l'émission TV de vulgarisation scientifique.   Lien d'achat  

     c) E-Learning Kids products / Produits E-Apprentissage pour enfants (Apprenez à vos enfants le codage et la Science facilement):

                            - MBlock STEM educational Robot Kit (for teens and adults / pour ados et adultes)   Purchase link              

   BEST E-Learning  - Robots Dash & Dot educational coding robots E-learning (for kids and teens / pour enfants et ados)  Purchase link 


       27th october 2017 : a) New Flight Simulator X video with a flight from Paris CDG [LFPG] to La Reunion [FMEE] in Boeing 777-300ER Air France (free plane by Rikoooo). Take-off and landing in manual. Real time and weather. FsP flight report available HERE. External recording video. Add-on : FTX Global + Trees - Rex Worldwide Airport HD - REX Weather + overdrive - FsPassengers - FSX:SE.


                    b) [FRENCH NOTE] Suite à un problème de doublon sur la sauvegarde de notre site web, la partie française sera limitée à cette nouvelle catégorie -  Education Air et Espace  - où vous trouverez des infos et conseils de chaînes francophones ou d'enseignement d'état. Ces différentes chaînes Youtube traîtent de Cosmologie, de Science, de Maths, d'actualités... allant de la vulagarisation aux enseignements avancés. Vous trouverez également un Tuto vidéo Flight Simulator X pour que vous sachiez connaître les bases pour votre premier vol en Boeing 737. Merci de votre compréhension suite à cette modification importante sur notre site. Bonne visite et bon apprentissage à vous !


       11st october 2017 : a) Our new KSP project - Falcon 9 Heavy SATCOM X48 "full stock" - available now in free download = >  HERE.


                     b) SpaceX's Announcement - Making Life Multiplanetary - On september 29th at the International Astronautical Congress (IAC) in Adelaide, Australia, SpaceX CEO and Lead Designer Elon Musk provided an update to this 2016 presentation regarding the long-term technical challenges that need to be solved to support the creation of a permanent, self-sustaining human presence on Mars. 


       27th september 2017 : New Kerbal Space Program (KSP) projects available in free download. A Falcon9 Heavy rocket with a SATCOM payload and an Interplanetary Transport System (ITS) Prototype, the - Verne - spaceship for a travel with 132 passengers max. onboard. High quality project full stock by SPETspace. Perfect for a challenge or your educational STEM and STEAM program. Direct links on the pictures.



                                                  For more KSP projects replica by SPETspace CLICK HERE .

       21st september 2017 : a) New website category - Design " Wallpapers " (1535X738) of Flight Simulator and Kerbal Space Program.

                    b) SPETspace's video available. Start engines to take-off at Geneva Intl. [LSGG] with an Airbus A320-200 Swiss Air. Look the video's description for more informations on the planes by Rikoooo for Flight Simulator X and others softwares. www.rikoooo.com  


                     c) The last pictures of the Cassini spacecraft mission before the plunge to Saturn available on this LINK (source NASA/JPL).



       02nd september 2017 : a) Thanks New York City for this good welcome and this knowledge sharing with USAF, NAVY and Astronauts Veterans. Special thanks to New Yorkers. It was awesome to meet you in this amazing city. Sciences & Space Lovers must go at the Intrepid Sea, Air & Space Museum and Natural History Museum at NYC. You will pass a very nice moment here.


 b) Website update: "Educational - Flight Simulator WorldTour" is update now with our FSX aircrafts setup for fly learning. This special selection is available in free downloads of good quality on the Rikoooo website: http://www.rikoooo.com (A322, B777, A380, Concorde...). Just follow the Rikoooo's softwares installation instructions in "read me" before to install (FS9 and FSX models).


       01st may 2017 : A SPET's delegation visit will be at New York City in june. You could find us this 12nd june morning at Intrepid Air, Space and Sea Museum and 13rd june morning at the American Museum of Natural History - Space Hall Planetarium. We will be happy to meet you for those who will come. You can always find our KSP projects (lifters, launch pads, missions replica...) in free download on our " SPETspace KSP " page. Free-right to use for S.T.E.M. [STEM]  & S.T.E.A.M. [STEAM] program or simple fun. 


       04th february 2017 : Many people want to learn the bases of air simulation or to learn how to control and improve, like just a simple hobby or expert flight training, don't forget that air simulation isn't reality but we can approach some. We present you our add-on setup for Flight Simulator (FSX:SE) in order to benefit the maximum of close realism air simulation. Before going to the Space, it's necessary to know how fly and know the mechanics of Physic in flight. The first step to the Stars. Enjoy all Pilots !

     Minimum system requirements : Windows 7 / 8 / 10 (64-bits)   .Processor Intel Core i5 or i7 (SB core) or better   .RAM: 4GB       .Video card: Nvidia GT730 or GTX730 with 1 GB of video memory or better        .Monitor: widescreen 1920X1080 or better

Our computer FSX setup :  Windows 8.1 (64-bits)      .Processor Intel i5-3350 CPU @ 3.10GHz     .RAM: 8GB    .Video card: Nvidia GTX970 with 4GB of memory     .Monitor: Samsung 3840X2160 (+1 handled computer 1280X720 for real time weather information) 

    1. Flight Simulator X : STEAM Edition (FSX:SE) Our opinion, this is the best flight simulator ever !!!  ==> Online SHOP link  


    2.  REX Worldwide Airports HD  : the most realistic global airport textures and 3D vehicules enhancement available. 6GB of highly detailed airport environments with terminals, airport building, jetways, airport lighting, coherant airport ground...  Online SHOP link  


    3. REX Essential PLUS + OverDrive : this add-on is a photo-realistic HD environmental weather and texture package. Sky, clouds, light and other environmental textures. Select a theme, custom or real-time weather with reports and updates.   Online SHOP link


    4. FsPassengers : adds a lot of realism like adding passengers to your flights and keep detailed logs / statistics (PAX) for every flight. +1200 in-flight sounds to immerse you in the ambiance of flight. Attendants, passengers, special effects... Create and maintain pilot careers. Manage an airline company. Export all flights to Virtual Airline FsP available  HERE   [SPET flight ID SP0421 /SP2104] Failures, hard weather or war risk. Passengers and crew react to how you fly and get their opinion in real-time.  Online SHOP link   SPETspace Youtube video (external record) :   Boeing 777-300 - Paris CDG (LFPG) => (KJFK) New York, Kennedy Intl.   

 Now, you are ready for the beginning Flight Simulator in good standing (SAVE -20% to -30% on REX software products now). Next month we'll talk about hardware and a Boeing 737 check-list PDF will be available. Have a nice flights to all and nice learning ! 


       07th january 2017 : For a nice beginning of this new year, we propose you two news KSP projects replica (full stock) :

              1. SpaceX - Falcon 9 "heavy" Dragon replica + launch pad : future spacecraft for Solar System exploration (2018-2020).                    2. SpaceX - Falcon 9 Dragon replica + launch pad : future spacecraft for low to high Earth orbit (2017-2018).

 Specially designed for STEAM program, remake the real launch timeline and enjoy your next KSP mission. (USA flag edition) You can download all our projects in free download on this page " SPETspace KSP ". (KSP folder => save => VAB => .craft)


       01st january 2017 : - Happy New Year! - Bonne Année! - ?????? AnnE! - Feliz Ano novo! - Bom Ano!  The SPET wishes to all a nice new year 2017 around the World ! Enjoy the life and trust in your dreams !  See you soon...


      17th december 2016 : Early Christmas ??? Our little gift for you, in thanks of the +1000 KSP SPETspace's downloads step, an ultimate version replica - Soyuz + full launchpad system - KSP project full stock and like always, in free download HERE.  (KerbalX)


The SPET team sends you special Christmas wishes and a happy year ending to you and your families. A special thank for your support via the internet sharing, your donations, your purchases... around the world. The SPET is a non-profit society, who thanks to your help, can be a better structural society with interesting educational tools. Thanks again and see you in 2017 for a lot of news !


      04th december 2016 : The SPET supports the team "Les Redox" for the Science Factor's contest 2016-2017. Discovering now this world society project, with the futuristic vision, for a better world based on the laws of physics : algorithms resulting from the thermodynamic ones. Find more details on their official site : http://ees.highhopes.fr/dossier  doc Fr (Right click and translate).


                                                                               INTERNATIONAL VOTE : [OFF]

                                                                                            "Les Redox"

                      Link for voting via computers : https://www.facebook.com/sciencefactor/app/425648974161553/ 

                                                   Link for voting via phones : http://www.sciencefactor.fr/jeu

                       Project by Alice and Dunstan for the Non-profit Society " HIGH HOPES " http://www.highhopes.fr .


      22nd october 2016 : We are proud to present you our new KSP project - DeltaIV ExploCom Sat + launch pad system - in free download HERE . It's a perfect, and high quality, project for educational S.T.E.A.M program or simple challenge to explore the solar system in KSP. Thanks for your support around the globe. Soon the 1000th SPETspace's KSP donwload in 6 months. Thank You !  


      13rd october 2016 : a. Two news KSP VAB projects in free download : 1) SpaceX Interplanetary Transport System (ITS) Type [STOCK] - 2) SpaceX ITS Tanker / Refueler Type [STOCK] available on the ending page of SPETspace KSP. A Youtube video of our KSP project "Interplanetary Transport System Type [STOCK] - launch to LEO parking (LKO)" : Youtube video link .


 b. SPETspace is now more in VR with the AtlspaceVR app (http://altvr.com) Meet other people around the world and learn. A great social experience which the SPET participate, hosted by AstroVR, with space documentaries, live, debats and games room. We wish you, welcome in this new adventure and in this nice VR communauty. (all VR stuff are available with this app/ free app)


      26th september 2016 : a. New KSP project in free download : " AtlasV Osiris-REX mission + launch pad " [STOCK] Remake the famous NASA mission, launched this month from Cap Canaveral, for a mission to the asteroïd called Bennu, reaching its target in 2018. More information on Osiris-REX mission and updates : https://www.nasa.gov/osiris-rex / http://www.asteroidmission.org


 b. New Flight Simulator X video : Boeing 737-8 ILS approach & landing at Porto "Francisco Sa Carneiro" LPPR [storm weather]

 c. LAST DAYS !!! For pre-sale of this amazing space history artefact !!! In honor of this achievement, this crowdfunding has set out to produce the highest quality reproduction of the Apollo 11 Final Flight Manual that was used by Mission Control, Flight Controllers, Astronauts and supporting personnel around the globe throughout the Apollo 11 mission. Pre-orders open until 30th september 2016 and shipping commencing the 1st december 2016 ! https://www.indiegogo.com/projects/apollo-11-flight-plan-re-issue-books-space#/


      05th september 2016 : a. New KSP project in free download : " Antares Cygnus cargo replica + launch pad "   [STOCK]

              b. 2 YouTube videos of Soyuz mission replica with KSP, who is an educational remake in 3 parts, adding HERE . First video is the Soyuz's launch to LEO (LKO). Second video is the LEO transfert to ISS type (all KSP spacecrafts are full stock, created by SPETspace and in free download for all educ. S.T.E.A.M programs (society or corporate) and people around the World).   

              c. MoonBase Alpha - Educational NASA App -     Team coordination along with the proper use and allocation of available   ressources are key to your overall sucess. Restore the life support system of the lunar base, scored on the time. Learn from your decisions made in previous gaming sessions, and make intelligent decisions in order to top the leaderboards.  YTvideo HERE  MoonBase Alpha (official NASA free download link) : http://www.nasa.gov/offices/education/programs/national/ltp/games/moonbasealpha/index.html 


        06th august 2016 : a. New Educational PDF available, AtlasV Curiosity mission replica : http://docdro.id/hXWOeub  (PDF) is a KSP remake of the famous Mars exploration of the NASA/JPL with the rover, always in working, Curiosity. You can find too the save data KSP project in free download  HERE .                   More engineering project to test  HERE ...


          b. In this period, the SPET team wishes you a nice Perseid Meteor Shower 2016. Have a nice august sky observations around the World. We wish you a very nice summer holidays too ! We come back in september for others Educational PDF, videos,...


          20th july 2016 : a. New Educational PDF available now ! " Proton ExoMars mission KSP replica " is a remake with KSP of the ESA mission to Mars. It's the first part of this mission. Only the orbiter and the lander sciences test, next part with a martian rover for 2018-2020. ExoMars will be at Mars orbit in october 2016 - PDF link : http://docdro.id/QgYZXVA  Always available, this save data KSP project in free donwloading  HERE


                                b. Finding now our recent KSP rockets replica for educational orbital sciences. 2 rockets Falcon9 replica stock with its reusable stage1 for landing at SpaceCenter or on a droneship (launch pad system included). Model 1 : Falcon9 SATCOM replica =>   DOWNLOAD LINK   -  Model 2 : Falcon9 Dragon (cargo) replica =>    DOWNLOAD LINK< /A     [free download]


         3rd july 2016 : a. A new category in "Educational" is available now on our website, " SPETspace KSP " with a lot of rockets and mission replica designed by SPETspace for remarking launches with a real timing and timeline on Kerbal Space Program.   [FREE DOWNLOAD]   Soyuz, Ares I, Delta IV, Ariane 5 & 4, Falcon 9,... and more.           (read notice instructions before launch)


                  b. The Space Society of the summer : we propose you to discover an interesting project for Space educational & sharing to movivate and to inspire the Next Generations of Human with a STEAM program (Science - Technology - Engineering - Art - Math) Created by the Commander Leroy Chiao (former NASA astronaut and space station commander), OneOrbit is an ambitious and a revolutionary project for a good future in educational. Let us wish them, godspeed ! Visiting the OneOrbit website :  OneOrbit  


               c. BONUS : All SPET Team wish you a nice 4th july 2016 !!! Special day, special gift. Discovering a new video edited by SPETspace : " SpaceX Falcon 9 tribute " on Youtube. Have a nice watch and happy ID4 !    Direct link Youtube video


        22nd june 2016 : Download now our new KSP replica project, the " Soyuz 11A511 replica (Soyouz) + launch pad [STOCK ] "

      High quality project stock designed by SPETspace directly available on KerbalX.  Download LINK  and more projects HERE


         2nd june 2016 :  a. (New Update) Finding now a new Educational PDF in category " Orbital Sciences and Cosmology "  A travel to 28000 light years from the Earth to the galactic center of the Milky Way, inspired by historics studies.

   "Our Galactic Black Hole :  indirect observation with S2 star and maximum size" http://docdro.id/dbMvJyD  (english PDF)

   "Notre Trou Noir Galactique : observation indirecte (étoile S2) et taille maximum" http://docdro.id/s6BiUCG  (PDF français)

                                     b. " A+ Certified Rocket Scientists Wanted " article by Thomas Jackson,  Chief at Starship Laboratories. Atomic Rocket, Warp travel, maths problems...        Link :  StarShip Project     StarShip Calculator


         17th may 2016 : ARIANE 6 is, maybe, already exceeded. So, why not an ARIANE 7 with the reusable technology and taking advantage in the space launcher market for Arianespace. 2 booster landing on ground and stage 1 landing on droneship sea.    ARIANE 7 project design :                        Click  HERE  [Medium Quality]    Click HERE [High Quality]            

           7th may 2016 :  a) New scientific publication available here :   " The space exploration : which is the best strategy ? "   

                 English PDF source link :  http://docdro.id/ywEZMR2            Lien source PDF Fr : http://docdro.id/YJ2IO4v            Coming soon news PDF Educational of orbital sciences and Cosmology (knowlegde documents and exercices). Stay connected !

             b) New video record of the SpaceX Falcon 9 SAS mission replica with KSP v1.1. + stage 1 landing at Space Center.

          Youtube link : HERE  (timeline : SECO +2mins19s / Stage 1 landing +7mins00s / MECO +17mins55s and sat deployed)   Telemetric launch of Falcon 9 replica informations available here  (F9 sat data, no stage1)          [Landing at Space Center]  



           17th april 2016 : News Updates - 1.a) FSX F-18 Hornet NASA Flight Training on Flight Simulator. 3 news records :

  Educational FSX : 1) Cold & Dark + preflight runway + take-off and climb / 2) Parabolics + G stress test / 3) Touch & go + landing  Airport place [OACI] : Edwards AFB [KEDW]                  Youtube playlist : link HERE               (FSX SPET  server available soon)


    - 1.b) You can find on our website a new page "Engineering Projects". This page will be reserved for our differents ideas in space engineering and validated projects. Our first project is a Space Crane "Eight-Eyes" for orbit and Moon applications.  

    - 2) This 22nd april 2016, it's a special day !!! That's Earth Day !!! Participate with hashtag #EARTHDAY on socials networks and follow the differents events or contests of this day organized by NASA, ESA,...     Go head for the Earth !  Join us next week !


          28th march 2016 : News Updates - "Flight Simulator World Tour" by SPET continue. Finding now 3 records of flight N°23.

    Educational FSX : 1) Cold & Dark + preflight runway / 2) Take-off at Cuzco SEQU (10Kft) / 3) Landing to Medelin SKRG (7Kft).

                                     Youtube playlist : link HERE       Follow the FSX World Tour on Tumblr : link HERE


        14th february 2016 : Website february new updates (1/2) - New gallery "Design/replica" and "Design/A.O.E"     

    - New page "Educational" (mission replica or SPET mission protype, orbital mechanics) under construction for this month ending. 

    - World Premier presensation of the new SPET engineering project : Space Crane "Eight-Eyes" Heavy (orbit/moons application).




          16th january 2016 : In first time, the SPET crew wish you a   happy new year 2016 with a lot of dreams realized. For begining this new year, a little bit space History. In this sad day of 28th january 1986, the space shuttle Challenger exploded in the sky. We publish and share an article "Challenger 30 years after, where is the safety for the astronauts?" (PDF)     Available in 2 versions.

                   English version : http://docdro.id/r1CGlvP                      Version française : http://docdro.id/li4pHGv 


         17th october 2015 : Since 1 year, SPET contribute to help the science with World Community Grid. But what is WCG ?

  World Community Grid (WCG) is an effort to create the world's largest public computing grid to tackle scientific research projects  that benefit humanity.[Launched on November 16, 2004, it is co-ordinated by IBM with client software currently available for Windows, Linux, Mac OS X, andAndroid operating systems.Using the idle time of computers around the world, World Community. Grid's research projects have analyzed aspects of the human genome, HIV, dengue, muscular dystrophy, cancer, influenza, Ebola, virtual screening, rice crop yields, and clean energy. As of October 2014, the organization has partnered with 466 other companies and organizations to assist in its work, and has over 60,000 active registered users.

                  Click on this link for participate with us : http://discover.worldcommunitygrid.org?recruiterld=940146



         15th september 2015 : SPET is now available on LinkedIn. You can follow us here => 


         21st august 2015 :  - WORLD PREMIERE - New challenge 2015 !!! The famous spaceship of "The Martian" movie in  replica.100H with 17 lift-off for modules and 2 lift-off for crew. To assemble in orbit at 200km. Enjoy !!!  Link: HERE ?



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