Flight Simulator World Tour
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          Follow our adventure in Boeing 737-8. This project is doing promotion of flight training around the world.
                    ( project support by SPET Space & Planetary Exploration Training, pilot: Guillaume Mahe )

                                    The FS WorldTour is actually: [OFF] Next FSWT flight: winter 2017-2018
                          Simulator tools: Flight Simulator X : SE / FSpassengers / REX / OrbX / FTX Global 

                                          Educational Flight Simulator : (videos & PDF availables)

           A) Free check-list for flight simulator (Airbus, Boeing...) : http://freechecklists.net/simchecklists.asp                        

           B) World weather, ATIS, METAR in real time : http://www.windy.com and https://aviationweather.gov/metar/gis

 1) Flight B737 example Introduction : a) Cold & Dark + Preflight runway  [airport SEQU Cuzco 9500 ft]

                                                            b) Take-off (manual) + Climb (pilot auto) [Cuzco SEQU => Medelin SKRG]

                                                            c) Approach (pilot auto ILS) + Landing (manual) [airport SKRG Medelin 7000ft]

    SPET space Virtual Airlines on FsPassengers: Live Worldwide VA data log on the FsPassengers website HERE






EXTRA : 1) B737 - ILS approach & landing at Porto "Francisco Sa Carneiro Airport" LPPR - [storm weather]

                                 2) A322 - Boarding, start engines & take off at Geneva Intl. LSGG - [calm weather]

                                                       Our FSX aircrafts Setup for fly learning: aircrafts by http://www.rikoooo.com






                                                       Multi-aircrafts Flight Simulator X pictures

                                      More pictures directly available after flights on SPET space STEAM :


                      Civil Aircraft FSX Server actually used online: V-L FRANCE        website: http://vlfrance.fr 


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