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   Space & Planetary Exploration Training [SPET] non-profit society / association RFR n°W952008880 - S.T.E.A.M Program Educ.

                                                              The Charter of the Society


  In line with the Charter of the United Nations, the SPET, Space & Planetary Exploration Training, main purpose to bring people through the sharing of scientific knowledge and space engineering work by driving  Space exploration.
Via different media, virtual or real, simulated missions to space exploration are organized. During these missions, scientists firms or associations can participate to test and develop points of the materials or implements. The SPET is also focusing on the teaching of Astronomy and Astrophysics and raising awareness on the environmental protection of our planet Earth. The human being has the choice and control of its existence and its future.
The SPET undertakes to forward all informations simulated missions in various international aerospace agencies (ESA, NASA, Roscosmos, JAXA, ...).
The SPET asserts its independence from any political party or religion.

                      The SPET claims:

-The sharing of scientific knowledge and training worldwide. Equality and impartiality of studies.
-support, Promotion or organization democratization of science experiments.
-The defense and promotion of a vision of science in the service of the common good.
-The implementation of a policy of prevention and information for proctection of the environment.

                      The SPET develops:

-With various organizations and companies, equipment, technical and scientific projects to be used in real conditions.
-A dynamic scientific integration for greater openness to the outside, for the opportunities it gives to interact with the world and the partnerships it establishes.
-The quality of its services by developing observation and anticipation, innovation and experimentation, information and training, and carrying out regular evaluation.
-The taste of curiosity about the world around us.

                      The SPET undertakes:

-A transmit data and information simulated missions in various international aerospace organizations.
-A rigor in research and management of funds obtained from public authorities, private or from public donations.
-A inform members and donors in the annual report.
-A Guarantee the transparency of accounts.


                        Non-profit Society / Association RFR n° W952008880 - Deposit Intl. No.2G5P57

   Official administration publication :

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                                    Guillaume Mahe                                                Christophe Dubar

                    Space Teacher - Flight VR Instructor                   Expert Welder - Analysis & Consulting


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